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  • Math on the Mic Regional

  • Youth Agric-Business (Beginning Farmers)

  • RESPECT Regional 

  • Youth Business Financial Literacy 101 Regional 

  • Plan for your future 101 Nationally

  • Community Gardens Development Regional 

  • Community Education and Outreach program Regional

  • Healthy Living program 

  • Eat Good, Live Good program

  • Murray’s Mentors program National

  • National Ready for College Annual Tour

  • Healthy Zoe Summer Camp (MD)

  • Math Agriculture & Conservation Summer Camp Regional 

  • YDACBINC Book Scholarship Regional 



1. Math on the Mic, produce and published by Travis Brown a K-5th grade elementary school teacher injunctions with afterschool-summer programs with Peyton Elementary School, Inman Park Middle School, and numerous others schools in the surrounding Atlanta, GA along with Harrisburg, PA, Brooklyn, NY area schools, and Washington, DC,



2. Youth Business Financial Literacy 101 (Workshops)

Students learn about the world from high level corporate finance organizations through our Merger and Acquisition Simulation camps. This is a year-round leadership program with a summer intensive. Students are advised by attorneys, accountants, investment bankers and many other executives (more)……. to understand the mechanics of these business transactions and the mechanics of how to successfully run a business. The program gives students a theoretical view of business through our training and workshops initiatives. Students then have the opportunity to apply the knowledge by actually participating in the management of small business operations.




Personnel transformation of yourself while developing your skills to the fullest and understanding your commitment to your self first and then to others as you grow your foundation. Workshops etc…


4. Plan for your future 101 (READ ONE TEACH ONE  PROGRAM)

No matter what business you plan to start in your next entrepreneurial endeavor will need to be about writing a business plan and developing your skills for that business. Even if you are not seeking funding for your (more)…… new business or already have secured funds from family members, angel investor types, personal savings or partners you need to educate yourself on the skills of finance. A business plan helps you start out on the right foot and makes you think about your future strategies. One important thing you need in a business plan is a table of contents that you can use as a guide, as you go thru the hectic and tedious steps to start your new business. Workshops etc


5. Community Gardens Greenspace Development  

A community garden is a collaborative green-space in which the participants share in both the maintenance and the rewards to feed the community and work with Community Farmers Markets for profit. There is a long tradition of community gardening (more)….. in various parts of the United States and around the world and we want youth across the county to take advance of this like Louisville, Mississippi own Winston County Youth Self Help Cooperative. Photos are on the website of this group. YDACBINC started this program in 2003 in Apes, Alabama Workshops with former SARA Youth Coordinator Savannah Williams of Surry, VA :



Why Get Involved with Community Gardening?


Reasons abound for involvement in community gardening, including the chance to:

  • Increase self-esteem, bolster confidence and encourage learning in children

  • Create beauty

  • Provide positive work experiences for at-risk youth

  • Grow fresh produce

  • Improve nutrition and fitness

  • Share the joys and wonders of gardening

  • Promote healthier communities

  • Be neighborly

  • Reduce stress

  • Reduce crime

  • Have fun



Our Youth Matter

Youth Health Living and Learning Programs

1. Eat Good, Live Good

YDACBINC partnership with USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service with our Four Easy Lessons in Safe food Handling; Clean, Wash, Run, and Keep. Each year YDACBINC has 15 or more programs, (more)……workshop, conferences, and Summits illustrates for funding under FSIS:

2. Healthy and Medical Mentor program: Youth training DVD workshop: Classes are giving 30 times a year. However, you can request additional training should you want.  Workshop etc…..with participating Doctors and Medical Mentoring program ( with Dr. Neil Shulman: Emory University); Dr. Meena Verma: Neurologists (Surgeon) (Emory University Hospital); Dr. Odicie Fielde: Pediatrics (Piedmont Hospital); Dr. Charles Moore (HEAL, Inc); Dr. Narayan and Wife (Both are doctors) (Georgia Tech University and Piedmont Hospital, and more.

MD Junior is a Non-Profit Leadership Society founded by an 11th Grader with the mission of inspiring service through mentorship. It is committed to fostering the spirit of community service by bringing together passionate, practicing medical and health care professionals with young middle and high school students especially in underserved communities, with a strong desire in their lives to reach their full potential.  These physicians and healthcare professionals mentor a select group of middle and high school students.

Regular sessions include learning the academic essentials of healthcare such as first aid, CPR, systems of medicine, disease and immunization.  Additionally, mock practice sessions, organized job shadowing and volunteer opportunities to gain hands-on experience are included.  MD Junior aims to develop character, competence and a spirit of selfless service and empowerment in the youth as future leaders.

Investing in Your Education and Your Business Future

Getting a college education is an investment that will pay back for a lifetime, however understanding how the world and the street are run is equally needed. YDACBINC College ready programs helps youth face it in the 4th grade by developing their skills NOW and having them talk to educators at these institutions to get a leg up on their college of choice by developing the knowledge immediately. We are also working with additional community groups nationally that has enabled them to follow the same pathway into higher learning institutions. Many of these youth families are realizing it now in elementary, middle school- student’s junior or senior year and we made them set the bar higher in order to accomplish there goals. Getting ready is how YDACBINC prepares youth with college ready initiatives, programs, book scholarships, and college tours to pre-planned their future.  Keep aware of all college tour the Last week in

Youth Summer Camps and Back to School Programs have been held each year sense 1999-present in several location nationwide.

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