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​​YDACBINC is a 501 © 3 charitable and non-profit organization that provides youth an opportunity to discover their promise in life NOW. We chaired and hosted numerous Youth Educational Initiatives throughout the years to develop positive minds and a clear future for our youth and their community. We consistently add programs, initiatives, and projects that focus on our youth education- Literary while balancing their health and nutritional values with a demand on graduation and communication building for a better you. We engage in partnering with State and Local Government agencies, Community Base Organizations, Civic Groups, Higher Learning institutions, and more to achieve our goals. We have continued to focus on Socially Disadvantage and Under-served youth nationwide in rural and urban communities as well in Africa, Honduras, Mexico.


Mr. Murray has devoted his professional career as a Public Affairs professional Executive and Mass Communications Advisor with the Government private sector, and Political Service; as a Public-Advocacy volunteer servant for youth educations and juvenile justice disciplines domestically and internationally which includes: the criminal justice departments in Washington, DC i.e. Department of Juvenile Justice System (Jessup Maryland); Winston County Mississippi; Harrisburg-Philadelphia, PA; Oklahoma-Wewoka, Ok; Macon-Atlanta-Lawrenceville, GA; and more. We have used our partners and sponsors skills and knowledge to advance our youth into the next millennium NOW through education development and capacity building.   


Many of our programs, workshops, and educational discipline are in GA; Dallas Texas; Washington-Maryland; Mississippi; Oklahoma City, and more regarding: Our Children Safety: Bullying/Gangs/Fighting: Self-Esteem: Nutrition (Community Garden): Peer Pressure with Young Child Middle School, GA 02/2011- 05/12;  Westlake High School, Atlanta, GA: 02/2009-10/2010; Peyton Forest Elementary School, Atlanta, GA 2005-12;  Sylvan Middle School, Atlanta, GA 30310 2016-present; Inman Middle School Atlanta, GA 30308 01/2012-12/12; Indian Creek Elementary School, Clarkston, GA 30021 04/16/2012-12/16/2012, Winston County Fair Elementary- Allen Middle-and Louisville High School 05/2003 to present; Walt Whitman Middle School, Brooklyn, NY 2017-present and  more nationally.

We have directed additional volunteer and consultant work for the : Martin Luther King Jr. Day foundation, Cerebral Paralysis, LULAC, Black Historical Research Project, Zoe Foundation, Peyton Forest Elementary School, Africa Children’s Fund Program, Westlake High School, We Are Graduate (WAG), Oyo Nigeria, Africa; Co-Chaired Joseph Lowery’s Criminal Justice Forms, Clark Atlanta University, Co-Chaired Rainbow Push youth Judge Mathis Academic for Excellence “Parents Have the Power” forms, and numerous other outreach programs and community base education initiatives during my 31 years doing  national community service. I have been on several committees regarding the Department of Juvenile Justice System; Atlanta, GA with its 5 million dollar grant from Governor Deal’s to stop the violence from seeping into our communities and school system but like many programs those benefits didn’t get to the undeserved community for whatever reason. However, we were honored to work with Judge Greg Mathis regarding “My Judgment for Academic Excellence Parents Have Power” program that deals with our juvenile detention center across 3 states.  

The following leaders have called me numerous times to speak about our youth education and the criminal justice system of retention that include: Janice Mathis, Senior General Counsel for Rainbow Push; Helen Butler, Executive Director of Georgia Progressive; Dr. Neil Schulman of (Who Noses “What in a Doctors Bag)/ Formerly publisher of the movie blockbuster “Doc Hollywood” and Associate Professor at Emory University; Michael Ashley “ Assistant Principal, Inman Middle School; Victor Mbaba, CEO of Africa’s Children’s Fund and former State Representative Clayton county Roberta Abdul-Salaam. YDACBINC has received numerous state and local awards throughout the country for there work with youth nationally, community development, and international affairs in Africa. These accomplishments have been noticed with media outlets across the country from Mr. Murray’s publishing and featured stories from topics of Civil Rights, Native American Affairs, Women Rights, Debt Crisis, 911, Banking/Finance, Thoughts on Terrorism, and more. We also have been credited with working with and providing services to undeserved youth in Africa, Mexico, and Honduras.

​All Staff volunteer members:

Dennis S Murray Sr, CEO Chief Executive Director/ Founder

Deshonda M Murray, CFO/ SVP Human Resources and Mgmt

Bruce Carter, President and Director of Program Management 

Debbie Ellison, Secretary

Dr. and Professor Shirl E Donaldson, Interdisciplinary  Senior Advisor 

Dennis S Murray Sr


202-938-8225 Office

News Reports

    YDACBINC Youth Pandemic Survey


We will focus on the affects of the pandemic regarding our children and give them a voice to the issues that has impacted there lives over the past 2 plus years and after. We want these students to provide us with assessment of how they are feeling, doing, and how they health has been affected by this horrific strategy that has taken so many lives in there own families and friend of there families members. If someone in their family community has asked them the question. How do you feel about this?


This survey will take place via Zoom from each institution with a number of K-12 and Higher learning institutions across the country. Should you know of any school or a community that wants take part of this national survey contact me at 202-938-8225 or email at 

Past and continuing programs


Atlanta Division of Kroger's grants in 2017-18 to serve lives during the Thanksgiving holidays. We appreciate their dedication and thank them with all our heart and we feel blessed that they chose us. We are Bless to have  Kroger's as our partners to feed communities.

2008-present "Read One Teach One" national literacy program among 6 regions


​2017-19-20 USDA NASS awarded us a grant for our national/regional  Agribusiness and Literacy program and 2022 Youth Pandemic Survey 


2017 Mr. Murray was honor on July 9, 2017 in Dallas TX with the President's Lifetime Achievement Award .


YDACBINC expect a 100% Graduation Rate 2015, 16, 17.  18, 19 from MSU, OMISS, HU, Tuskegee University, Kennsaw State University, Young Middle School, Peyton Forest Elementary School, ​and more. We are proud of our graduates across the country.

2020 We distributed 120 mask to youth across the country and 220 books for our "Read One Teach One program. along with footwear (sneakers), school supplies, and more to help our youth deal with Covid-19 stay at home safe program.


In 2020 we will open our Robotics and Technology School called New Millennial Technology School residing in Washington, DC ward 8 ( opening delayed)


You can also listen and watch on YouTube  and LinkedIn pages 4 minute documentary titled "Born Not To Be Loved" . 

Listen to "Unwanted Violence Towards Our Youth" by Dennis S Murray Sr. ⚓                                                                                   



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